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As part of Backs e Pub, we are in a perfect postion to help the new or established author lift their profile.We pride ourselves on starightforward, clear listing and promotion. All writers need that extra surge in publicity, and to be honest - you cannot be listed in too many places.

All links to your work are valuable, so whether you are linking to your own site, Amazon, Waterstones, an independent shop or blog page, we make it easy. Remember, the more books that are featured alongside you, the greater your chances of being found. And because we draw no distinction between famous names and first timers, you also benefit from thier profile.

Our listing costs are simple too. There are no commissions, no extras and no hidden fees - just an annual payment of £10.00 per title. We can also offer a personal profile page if you so wish - e mail us for full details.

Book Blaster - The simple solution to Book Promotion !

List with us just follow the 3 steps on the home page and show your work to the literary world.

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