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WH Smith to open Russian stores in 2013 - Newspapers, books and stationery retailer WH Smith Plc plans to open its first stores in Russia next year as part of its broader global expansion plans, property consultant Knight Frank said on Thursday.


The company is targeting airports to kick-start its expansion on the Russian market, with the help of local partners, Yulia Sokolova, a leasing director at Knight Frank, told Reuters.


Russia has been attracting international retailers seeking exposure to growing markets amid sluggish sales in much of Europe, with consistently rising disposable incomes and a 143 million-strong population underlying the country's appeal.


MOSCOW (ReutersThu, 22/11/2012 - 13:05




The growth of ereaders and etail means  bricks-and-mortar books retailing has been hit hard. Rebecca Thomson looks at how booksellers can survive and how the market is likely to evolve.


On November 12, Foyles hosted a London Jazz Festival show at its Charing Cross Road store. On the 3rd, there was a short story competition and on the 30th there will be an exhibition on the history of second-hand books.


These are just snippets from the retailer’s events calendar for the month, and paint a vivid picture of what books retailing has become.The relatively simple process of buying books in bulk and selling them on at a price the rest of the market will stick to is long gone. If retailers are to compete with the Amazon juggernaut, they must become far more than a bookseller.


Google News





WH Smith chief executive Kate Swann will thank the hot demand for "passion" books, notably Fifty Shades of Grey, for a sizzling set of results this week.

Sales of the spicy titles could help the Swindon-based high-street chain, which has more than 600 shops, reach £100m in pre-tax profit in the year to 31 August.






Waterstones is launching a brand campaign that takes aim at ebooks and highlights the attributes of a "good bookshop". Waterstones' new anthology Red launching next month

The nationwide press and outdoor campaign features lines including "books you can't put down are much easier to find when you can actually pick them up".


Leagas Delaney created the campaign with OMD handling the media planning and buying. The campaign follows Waterstones' recent foray into the e-books market. Daunt announced in May that it had signed a commercial agreement with Amazon to run its own e-reading service and sell Kindle devices in its stores.




Fed up with Jamie Oliver? Tired of E.L. James? High street book retailers have come up with an alternative list of books that they think will be best-sellers this Christmas.

Around 200 independent bookshop owners voted on the ten books they think will appeal to people looking for something a little different this year. The list includes titles such as 101 Uses for a Dead Kindle by Adrian Searle and Wenceslas: A Christmas Poem by Carol Ann Duffy, the Poet Laureate.


The number one book is Horologicon: A Day’s Jaunt Through the Lost Words of the English Language by Mark Forsyth. The book examines “extraordinary” words from the English language arranged by the hour of the day.


By James Hall, Consumer Affairs Editor

Telegraph 20.11.12




Pippa's friends to The Rescue - Pippa Middleton's party-planning book Celebrate is said to be flying off the bookshelves of upmarket book shops, including Foyles, Hatchards and Daunt stores in exclusive areas of London.


Shops in Reading, close to her family home in Bucklebury, Berks, have recorded particularly good sales as friends and neighbours flock to show their support. The book, which appears to appeal to a very particular set of hosts, has been the number one bestseller in Foyles and Hatchards bookshops in London, where hundreds of signed copies have already been snapped up.


The well-heeled residents of West London have rushed to buy copies, with Waterstones shops in Kings Road, Chelsea, and South Kensington reporting it as a top seller following the high-profile launch.


The Telegraph 20.11.12




What Roth said - Just a few weeks before Philip Roth announced the end of his writing career, the great novelist was advising a newly published author to "quit while you're ahead".


Julian Tepper, whose debut novel Balls was published earlier this year, recounts in the Paris Review how he tentatively approached Roth in a New York deli about two weeks ago, brandishing his book. A waiter at the cafe, Tepper has been a fan of Roth "for more than half of my 33 years", and said to the author: "Sir, I've heard you say that you don't read fiction anymore, but I've just had my first novel published and I'd like to give you a copy."


His novel, Balls, is about a songwriter who finds he has testicular cancer. Tepper says that Roth approved of the title – "I'm surprised I didn't think of it myself" – but then went on, "in an even tone, with seeming sincerity", to advise him to "quit while you're ahead".


Guardian 19.11.12




One Bite Too Many from Apple - If you want to know just how broken the patent system is, just look at patent D670,713, filed by Apple and approved this week by the United States Patent Office. This design patent, titled, “Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface,” gives Apple the exclusive rights to the page turn in an e-reader application.


Yes, that’s right. Apple now owns the page turn. You know, as when you turn a page with your hand. An “interface” that has been around for hundreds of years in physical form. I swear I’ve seen similar animation in Disney or Warner Brothers cartoons.

(This is where readers are probably checking the URL of this article to make sure it’s The New York Times and not The Onion.)

Apple argued that its patented page turn was unique in that it had a special type of animation other page-turn applications had been unable to create.


New York Time Nov 2012